Friday, April 30, 2010

happy friday!

well it's that time of the week again - my favourite day of the week, and this friday is a bit more special than most as today flufflefritz is 1 year old! so Melita and I will be celebrating with a few drinks this weekend.

What will you be getting up to? I hope you have a wonderful weekend! and that you'll say cheers for us where ever in the world you are!



Thursday, April 29, 2010


she's a digger that little Miss McKenzie... I took this shot of her this morning after I caught her digging a lovely big hole in the back yard (note the mud crusted onto the top of her nose...) - mischievous mckenzie indeed!

wow I won!

remember that little blog called The Swede Records that I mentioned earlier in the year? and how in love I was with their new header that the very talented Kelli Murray created personally for them??? well last week Jenny May and Kelli joined forces and posted a give-away on their blogs, so I entered straight away! - and guess what??!! I won! woohoo!
this morning when I crusied on over to their blog there was a photo of me (I think it was my mustache that did it...) :) what a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning! thanks Kelli and JennyMay!

check out more of Kelli's work here at her etsy store, her blog here and you should also check out the awesome wedding invites Kelli did for her own wedding - amazing!

eggs benni - the easy way

grainy toast + canadian bacon + poached eggs + 2 slices of spicy smoked gouda melted in the toaster oven = easy eggs benni

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I know I have raved about this totally fabulous little bit of free software before, but forgive me, I must gush again... after I took these photos of my roses last night and downloaded them I played with some of them in poladroid and well I just really LOVE this software!

it takes an average photo like this where I was beginning to lose light
and turns it into this (complete with random fingerprints - which is a setting you can choose)
and this, which is pretty enough
but makes it so much more romantic looking
this one with too much flash and a little crooked
into this, it looks like a snapshot from the 60's
and this one that I like just the way it is
makes it into this which is a totally different take on it
have some fun with it yourself and get it here it's free!

wooden thumb tacks = genius!

kate, (obviously brilliant as you can tell by her name :P) over at design sponge posted the cutest idea today that I think would be perfect in newly organised garage. check out these push pins (or thumb tacks as I call them)
for directions on how to make them yourself go here

love is a floating shelf and roses

my handsome husband-to-be hung this very awesome floating shelf next to my side of the bed for me the other week, and it is the perfect place for my nightly reading pile. (thank you darling)
I have been meaning to take some photos of it, but tonight when I picked these gorgeous roses from our garden, I got in the mood for photos - check out this lighting...
although I know this wallpaper has to go with the renovation, the more I see it the more it grows on me... look how lovely it looks with these roses :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doesn't this look delicious?

We got our awesome fridge delivered on Saturday and I've been going through what sort of delicious and beautiful foods I should get to stock it. After months of eating take out, going to restaurants, and eating junk food I'm looking forward to actually having food that's fresh and tasty. I came across this blog while poring over the pictures on Tastespotting (which I can do for hours and hours) and can't wait to try this recipe!! I love how everything is separated into their own groups within the cabbage cup instead on jumbled together. For some reason I'm anti-mixed up foods which may be a little strange, but I hate swirled food and cringe whenever I share something and the other person (usually Cody) dives in with a fork and mixes the whole thing together into one homogeneous mass. I much prefer to have each bite remain unique and am always on the lookout for the "perfect" bite. Anyway, the point is, this blog is awesome and this recipe looks like it's full of perfect bites.

iron and wine - naked as we came

I found this song over at letters to you blog yesterday and have been listening to it over and over... it goes so well with this grey and rainy day so I thought I would share it with you too.

pretty flowers

I recently got a new computer, and started sorting through my old files and it's really amazing how many photos of random pretty things I have stored on there... here are some flowers I found
photos from here

Monday, April 26, 2010

the welcome experiment

I know it's been a while between these welcome experiment posts, but I am oh so happy to report I have another door!
all the way from Brisbane, Australia, this lovely door comes from Le at Home Front Inspiration. check out her blog here, oh and her other blog about living in the far north here. Thanks so much Le!

and if you want to send me your door to be entered into our give-away see the details here

greek goodness

since Hannah, Vicki and I were all feeling the same monday blah today, we decided a delicious lunch was in order - nothing like copious amounts of garlicky goodness to cure the mondayitis... so off to Athena Grill, our favourite greek restaurant we headed. it's an unassuming looking place in the middle of an industrial area, but if you're in silicon valley, you really should try it out (there is a reason the line up is out the door)
chicken souvlaki pita with extra tzatziki from athena grill with friends = much better monday

oh monday

it's official, today is a 2 coffee morning... I'll report back when the extra shots of caffeine have trickled into the bloodstream and shocked my brain into life... but for now, here's a photo of the most amazing cappuccino bryce made me over the weekend - I love microfoam!

Friday, April 23, 2010

concrete block centrepiece

this just has to be one of the most simple, inexpensive yet gorgeous ideas for a centrepiece I have ever seen.
Kelly from yes, please is such a creatively talented gal and has a guest post on 100 layer cake on how to make your own table centrepieces out of railroad planks, pegboard, and vintage books. but I really love the industrial feel of this concrete block paired with the pretty flowers. I think I'm going to have to have a party now, just to try this one out!

find out how to make your own and check out kelly's other great ideas here

happy friday!

can you believe it is friday already? this week went by so fast for me, that I actually woke up this morning thinking it was thursday... what a pleasant surprise to discover in my grogginess that it's my favourite day of the week! yay
I am in totally in love with these flowers of late, they are so delicate yet architectural, they remind me of fireworks exploding - I just might have to find a spot for some for my garden.

it rained and poured here most of the week and today is the most beautiful sun shiny day here in california, 24 degrees (76F) today and tomorrow and 27 (80F) on sunday! I can't wait!

what do you have planned for this fabulous weekend?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

something old made new

I found this little rusted old shelving unit behind our garage when we were tearing down the potting shed the other week, and onto the trash pile it went. but as I was about to dump a big pile of old rotten wood on top of it, I took another look at it and thought, it does still function, and it would be handy for storing pots and gardening stuff... so, armed with a can of red rustoleum, this weekend I gave it a quick scrape to get the chunky bits of rust off and transformed it, into a statement piece for my potting took a whole can of spray paint and it needs another coat, but overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

the welcome experiment - give away

this is officially my last ditch effort for my sad little social experiment... I thought maybe if you knew what the give-away was you'd feel compelled to send me a photo of your front door with a link to your blog and I could post them all, make it to my goal of 50 doors and then hand out this wonderful prize of a home depot giftcard (or hardware store in your country) with a value of $US80...
fingers crossed!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

how addicted to blogging are you?

I recently read a facebook post on being addicted to social networking and instantly thought to myself "meh, I am so not addicted to that stuff..." then it got me thinking about how I spend my time online... and although my job means I am online all day, I come home and the first thing I do is plug in my laptop and get back online. it's not that I come home to work, but I come home to check in on the online world I missed in my 15 min commute from work, write a blog post I thought about on the way home, or catch up on all the posts from my fellow bloggers and see if anyone has commented on my posts etc

my name is kate and I am a blogaholic...

I just really love jotting my thoughts and photos into a post, hearing what is going on in other people's lives, learning things from the blogosphere and getting to know people with similar interests that I may never have come across without the concept of the blog...

do any of you have this problem??? do we need a support group?

happy birthday Magaggie!

Margaret and I have known each other for for about 13 years, we met in Canberra when we both worked for the australian government, and even though we live at opposite ends of the earth (she's now in Perth) whenever we catch up, it is like we've never been apart.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Magaggie and can't wait to see you over this side of the world soon!

Love you


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finally Made a Committment

After hiring a colorist and then changing my mind about 100 times a day about the wall color we finally committed to this bluish-grayish-slightly greenish color and couldn't be happier! The colorist helped me choose a taupey-grey color and I thought it was all settled until Sunday morning's hangover when I got up at 5:30am and discovered a sample of the blue we eventually decided was The One. I had actually been adamantly anti-blue, but look at it! I described it to Kate as a deep blue like the blue of a Smurf's eyes at midnight under a full moon - kind of smokey, kind of calm, and kind of rich. Now I just have to commit to a floor and counter tops and we'll be home free!
This white patch will be painted over and then the giant tv will live here

Monday, April 19, 2010

garage organisation bliss

since we are new at the renovation game, we decided that we would start with the garage to ease into it, that way if we made any mistakes, it was just the garage... but first we had to be able to get around in there, so this weekend was operation cleanup.

Unfortunately I don't have any before shots of the mess that the garage was in, but there was crap everywhere, bikes, snowboards, skis, canoes, suitcases, boxes, ikea furniture we don't need right now etc. sprawled all over...

the place came with lots of shelving and random cupboards on every available wall space, but there was no place left to hang anything, so we decided that this wall of random shelving had to go.
and that this birds nest of tools and crap needed to be better organised
so we hung the canoe, using some really nifty bike pulleys (kindly given to us by Steve and Ami -thanks guys!) and designed a system that tucked it up out of the way when it's not in use, but really easy to pull down when you want to take it out - quite brilliant really.
on the now open wall we installed this rubbermaid fasttrack track and hook system which allowed us to hang ALL the bikes (yes that is 5 bikes and 1 unicycle...), our skis, snow shoes, snowboards, and garden tools all in one place.
a plastic pegboard solution seemed best for the tool area, and although this work bench/ kitchen cupboard combination is not ideal, it'll do for now
a little personal touch with the bottle opener we bought at the renegade craft fair
and the place looks a thousand times better! the cabinets on the right side are the next thing to go, which should open it up even more.
then the real fun of repairing that crack in the floor, replacing the gutters and adding rain barrels, stripping the paint, and repainting and so on...
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