Friday, January 29, 2010

happy friday!

it's been a crazy week for me with some really big things happening at work, and I am so happy it's finally friday!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

kisses Kate

biggest full moon

tonight is supposed to be the biggest full moon of 2010, so make sure you go outside and check it out! I wonder if that means eerie things will happen...

gift ideas

with the mad gift buying christmas time frenzy finally over, I decided to start collecting ideas ahead of time to make next christmas a stress-free's a great gift for that photographer friend of yours

garden design inspiration

found this photo on desire to inspire who found it here and I would love my garden to look like this! check out Casey Dunn's gorgeous photos here

Thursday, January 28, 2010

OMG - if I could only get married here

I think this is "the place" but, it will probably cost us both Bryce and my kidneys to rent the space alone... sigh, let alone availability... double sigh...
I found this place after find these gorgeous photos on yelp.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fishing Lures

Cody and I went to Bass Lake this weekend to hang out with family and friends in the snow. We stopped in Coarsegold to look for my buffet (still haven't found it!) and came across his friend Jimmy's new fly fishing store. Jimmy and Cody caught up while I took pictures of some of the cool lures Jimmy uses. There were hundreds of shiny, sparkly, and feathery lures in a huge dislpay table. Jimmy takes people out on fishing ours in the area and I'm thinking maybe we should go on one sometime if it means we get to use these.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


just as I was about to get into bed last night I looked down at Cooper's bed and this is what I found... I said to Bryce 'wonder if I can get the camera without disturbing them' - and luckily they were so comfy they didn't move so I could capture this perfect Yin and yang moment.I never thought that Cooper would have ever let McKenzie lay on him like this, let alone share his bed with her - he's looking at me as if to say 'please don't tell anybody about this...'but then I guess he was just as tired as she was and just went with it
so I covered them up and they slept like 2 peas in a pod :)

Happy Australia Day!

photo here

Monday, January 25, 2010

mad about mad men

Bryce and I have been catching up on Mad Men after Chloe graciously lent us the first 2 seasons on dvd, and I must admit when she first offered them to me before the holidays I was like 'uh... ok sure... thanks?' I wasn't very keen on watching a show all about sexual harassment in the workplace and inequality, after all I am a woman in the corporate world... blah blah blah
well, we just finished Season 2 this weekend and I have to tell you I am totally in love and can't wait till Season 3 is released. I mean look at the details that go into this excellent drama - not only is each character superbly dressed for each and every scene, but each character has a complex story, with a darker side to keep you guessing...
and then there's the set, which makes me drool... filled with marvelous mid century modern wood panelling, couches, teak, vintage clocks, even the typewriters are just so cool!
I am still undecided as to my favourite female character - poor beautiful housewife to Don Draper - Betty, fiery redhead, kickarse office manager - Joan or sweet, smart as a whip, politically savvy - Peggy... they're all brilliant in their own ways... sigh.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

christmas memories

I know that it's now a month after Christmas, but here are our Christmas dinner photos I have been meaning to share...
I was very proud of my thrifty decorations that I used to decorate the table...
the table runner was some wrapping paper I bought (and you might remember the table from here)
the place mats were paper pieces from Michael's
the candle holders were made from christmas tree off cuts that I grabbed when we bought our tree (the guy at the place thought I was strange...)
the planter I got at a stall for $15 in the summer, and the little candle stars I bought when we lived in Toronto for $1.50 each in a post christmas sale :)
enough about the table though...
Hannah and Paul brought delicious Korean style ribs which Paul bbq'd on the barbie - I made him wear my pretty apron so he would not ruin his shirt (then proceeded to take photos of him in it :P)
first course (after delicious appies) was Bryce's Beet Risotto (which I forgot to take a photo of before I started eating it...) it's SO good!
then while we waited for the main course it was time for presents
pretty Hannah
McKenzie got these lovely festive antlers which you can tell she loved...
well Paul loved them anyway...
Melita in her cute apron

so cute!
mmm cashmere
this was all we got to see of Charlotte (her cute bottom)
and then the dinner was ready - we finally made these hasselback potatoes which were yum!
baked vegies, brocoli with cheese sauce and roast beef in a mushroom soup, red wine, garlic, rosemary gravy
we were all stuffed by the end
we had pie and icecream for desert and then played some games
while these two chilled by the fireand eventually
passed out...

Friday, January 22, 2010

happy friday!

I "Sofa King" love this man! :* and his funny hair :P
this photo is from last week's night out on the town, I hope you get out on the town this weekend and have a great partying time!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

wedding inspiration

there are so many wedding sites out there and most of them give me the heebie jeebies - they are just so 'weddingy' ewk!... so when I came across this gorgeous little site, I was instantly in love :) I mean check out their inspiration boards - they are just dreamy...

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