Sunday, June 2, 2013

I saw a bear.

a real. live. walking. brown. bear!

I've lived in North America for almost 10 years now and it took me that long to see a bear.  When I lived in Canada, and went to such places like Banff, Whistler the Muskoka etc, I really expected that I would see one.  I mean on tv, they show up all the time...  I even dragged Bryce to the dump one time in Ontario just to see if we could see any bears...

Last weekend we took Bryce's mum, Cathy to Yosemite, as she had NEVER been!  It was my 4th time and each time it never fails to surprise me.

The pictures just don't do it justice - you just have to see it for yourself.
Bryce and his mum
Mirror Lake had water in it this time, and the weather was perfect.
Ta da!  Cathy, Bryce and Mabel
Bryce, Mabel and me

Mabel trying out her water shoes in the lake.
Who needs pants or shoes anyway...
On the bus
 We camped at Camp Curry,
in those infamous tents...
and they were awesome!
We ate dinner at the fancy place
 where Mabel perfected her birthday candle blowing skills
 Oh look, a bear!
 Just kidding...  we really did see a bear.
We saw a small crowd of people looking and pointing across a field as we were walking back to our tent, and then I looked over and saw a flash of brown.  I was so excited I wasn't scared at all...  Bryce and I, and 2 other guys started walking over and following him.  Not too closely (obviously) but enough so I could grab a few pictures.  He knew we were there, but wasn't really interested.  We watched him gathering food from branches and he just toddled along.  It was amazing to see such a huge creature in the wild!  
and we lived to tell the tale :)
What's your favourite part of Yosemite?

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